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You will find us here:
The Berlin Flea Market
Straße des 17. Juni
10623 Berlin
next to the S-Bhf Tiergarten
+49 - 30 - 26 55 00 96
opening hours:
Saturday and Sunday
10am - 5pm
Anyone can dawdle!
June 25, 2016 / 10:00 AM - 17:00 PM Berlin, June 17, 2016. The most famous and oldest flea market of the city opens up for the first time for the general public on June 17 Street. Whether with ones own artistic hobby or with grandma's cup collection - on June 25 the Berliners can try their own luck by the cheap pedlary stands. The Malenki-Fun Orchestra will be playing, thus ensuring a buoyant flea market summer atmosphere. 

The unused dishes in the cupboard, the fashion jewelry in the drawer, the outmoded mispurchases of footwear and clothing, the stack of read books on the shelf, the toy box in the basement, the old lamp in the attic and the photo in the corner, which you always wanted to hang up, and the trinkets from aunt Käthes... Or that creative hobby that so far only delighted the relatives and which should once find a larger audience. Whether painted, tailored, knitted, carved, pottery - whatever artist is hidden in the Berliners - on this day, it will come to light!
About dawdle
The flea market on June 17 is the full Berlin package. A street theater with free admission. Over 40 years ago, Michael J. Wewerka opened the first flea market in Berlin. In 1988 he expanded the flea market in front of Charlottenburg Ernst-Reuter-Haus with the Arts and Crafts Market. A vibrant young tradition has developed there, with an interesting market atmosphere, many traders originals and prominent bargain hunters. 

The offer is as varied as life itself: autographs, books, old vinyl records, computer games, clothing, furniture, expensive carpets and precious chandeliers, jewelry and porcelain, paintings, dolls and teddy bears - the market is a treasure trove of a thousand things in life - most of them second hand, as it should be at a flea market. At the Art Market artists offer their handicrafts at bargain price: oil and watercolor paintings, self-mades such as sweaters, fashion, hand puppets, ceramics, jewelery, wooden toys and much more.  
See also http://www.berlinertroedelmarkt.com & www.facebook.com/berlinertroedelmarkt
Time: 10 - 17 h every weekend ( except memorial days in Germany)
Location: Straße des 17. Juni at the Charlottenburger gate 
Information & Reservations: 
Max Dohrn- Straße 6 10589 Berlin 
+49-30- 26 55 00 96